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I had a last minute self-tape audition for the Summer Shorts new play series at 59E59 Theatres and made the very smart decision to call Amy Greenspan to help me put it together. In a short amount of time, she helped me do some incredibly sharp text-analysis, guided me in making interesting and specific choices for the scene and the character, and helped me really relax into it and have fun. I ended up booking the job a few days later! If you want an excellent coach, call Amy - you’ll be glad you did! 

Blair Lewin (The Trial of the Chicago 7, Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane)

Amy has the distinct talent of being able to guide an actor to a better performance so that it feels supportive, encouraging and collaborative.  When I work with Amy, she asks questions, takes the work I have done and gives me straightforward, constructive direction on how to build on top of that foundational work to elevate the material so that I can give a clearer, stronger and deeper performance.  She understands that time is of the essence and her goals are solely to leave me as a performer better equipped and more confident for the audition.  It is such a pleasure to place my trust in Amy to coach material with.

Molly Chiffer (Doubt)

I've been in graduate school and haven't done much acting during that time, but when I decided to start auditioning again, Amy made the process fun and easy.  She knows how to support and challenge

actors while keeping the environment light and positive.  Amy prioritizes making actors feel good about the work they're doing without creating trauma or self-doubt.  I improved more in the course of an hour working with Amy than I have in weeklong workshops in the past!

Bella Poynton, MFA, PhD (Playwright, Actor, Director)

Amy jumped in last minute and late at night to coach me for a big Netflix audition and I haven't stopped coaching with her.  Her script breakdown and communication skills stand up to the pressure and she doesn't stop until who you are and the demands of the audition meld.  Before you leave, she makes sure to confirm that you felt and understood what just happened.  I highly recommend Amy for approachable, down to earth, studied and spirited coaching.

Bryce Townsend (Grey's Anatomy)

Amy is a fantastic educator and coach.  I invited her to be a special guest teacher in my weekly acting studio and her contributions were outstanding.  My students walked away feeling more confident, better prepared in their scene work and fully encouraged to continue down their professional path.  Amy is kind in her feedback and creates a positive environment in every situation.

Matt Webster (Acting Teacher, Playwright, Actor)

Working with Amy has been a total and complete joy for me.  Amy's commitment to acting and supporting other actors is palpable and inspiring.  Her dedication to the craft of acting is one of the things I believe makes her so skilled as a coach.  She asks thoughtful questions, holds space without being unkind or judgmental and really allows you to practice so that you can grow.  Her years, past and present as an actor in TV, theater and film make her coaching rooted in deep experience.  The fact that she names that she will always be a student of acting is reason enough for me to want to work with her. 

I want to work with someone who is constantly evolving, learning and strengthening in the craft. I highly recommend coaching with Amy.  

MaryJoanna Grisso (West Side Story)

I had the joy of working with Amy for my audition for the theater department at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.  For my audition, I had to perform two monologues.  Right off the bat, Amy was kind, considerate and patient.  It was instantly clear that prior to starting our work together, Amy genuinely wanted to get to know me and understand what worked for me as an actor and what didn't.  While working together, she was observant of my strengths and weaknesses and she would introduce various exercises that would help me become more comfortable with my audition pieces.  She always encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, yet she ensured that I was comfortable at all times.  Leading up to my audition, Amy was always available for a last minute FaceTime session or a few words of encouragement through text. She genuinely cares about her clients and expresses how important it is to have confidence in yourself while performing.  I ended up gaining admission to NYU and I really don't think I could have done it without Amy.  

Olivia Holley (Howard University '25)

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